The automotive industry is on the brink of revolutionary change! Our comprehensive study reveals how the circular economy holds the key to sustainable success. 

With an annual demand of over 7 million tons of steel, 6 million tons of plastic, and 2 million tons of aluminum in the European market, the automotive industry faces immense challenges. The transition to electric vehicles, the ban on combustion engines by 2035, and new regulations demand a transformation across the entire value chain.

The circular economy is the solution! It not only enables a more independent material supply and reduces environmental impact but also lowers production costs through sustainable upcycling of end-of-life vehicles.

New EU regulations compel the industry to handle end-of-life vehicles responsibly and promote the circular economy. Proactive approaches to targeted end-of-life vehicle management and standardization among market participants offer tremendous potential for innovation, sustainability and profitability.

Do you want to navigate the challenges of new regulations and steer your company towards success in the circular economy? Our expert team including Jürgen Lukas, Sebastian Haaf, Peter Vachtler, and Konstantin Bienert is here to assist!

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